SandPlay and Spa Retreat


Take some time in the sand to explore the promise of health and wholeness that the deeper self is always holding out to you.  Let your playful unconscious guide you in    creating your sandtray.  Perhaps it will reveal strengths and assets you have been unaware of, or open up new and creative possibilities to you. You won’t need any preparation to engage in sandplay; just come ready to use your wonderful child’s gift of imagination.

Then allow yourself a soothing soak in the spa that combines the relaxation of a warm bath with a gentle back massage by adjustable water jets.  Or relax on the lawn swing, read a book, meditate or just enjoy the garden.

Available dates:  July 8 & 9   July 22 & 23

                          August 5 & 6   August 12 & 13  

                         August 19, 20   August 26, 27

Time:  1 pm to 4 pm or 4:30 to 8:30 pm


            Group of 2  $80 apiece

            Group of 3 $67 apiece

           Group of 4 $60 apiece

Alternate times, dates and/or one-person retreats are also possible.


To reserve a space for your group, call Roberta Gannon at (510) 601-6805, or email her at  To learn more about sandtray work, visit her website at  Roberta Gannon is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; she has been leading sandplay events since 1994.  Retreats take place at her office in North Oakland