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What Exactly Is a Sandtray?

...A tray full of sand to which you add miniature objects which you select from shelves— that’s what a sandtray appears to be from the outside.

     What does it feel like from the inside? It may take the shape of a dream or nightmare you’ve had. You may begin by selecting items that represent an inner struggle you are engaged in, a decision you are trying to make, or qualities like playfulness or courage you want to embrace.

     It may be mysterious—you can’t explain why, but these feel like the right objects, and you know just how to place them, without knowing what they represent.

     Your tray may carry a great deal of feeling and insight that will open up to you as you dialogue. You may find yourself engaged with objects of wisdom, love, transformation and power that appear in your tray as gifts at a critical moment in your life.

     Your sandtray can be full of surprises, discoveries of deep resources and buried but important parts of yourself, necessary separations, transformations and reconciliations. Every tray is unique.

     In this work I encourage us to honor the sandtray creation and listen to it as to an emissary from the deeper self.

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Roberta Gannon, copyright 2005.