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What is spiritual mentoring?

     It is a relationship between yourself and your mentor that includes and is guided by your shared sense of the Divine, or that which is beyond all knowing that some call God, the Higher Being or The Beloved.

     This relationship offers guidance in,

  • Finding a spiritual connection in your life
  • Listening in quiet times of meditation and prayer
  • Learning the language of call and response to the Divine that is unique to you.
  • Understanding the events of your everyday life in the light of your relationship to the Divine.

     You may seek the guidance this relationship offers at a time when something or Someone is moving in your life and calling for your response. These times can come at a moment of crisis or in a very ordinary awareness that you have been missing a spiritual connection in your life.

     Your sense of the Divine may be rooted in a shared spiritual tradition or it may simply appear in your life inexplicably with its own signs and language drawing you to experience awe or deep yearning.

     The mentor, called in some traditions a spiritual director, helps you in the work of deep listening and opening in a way that is life-giving. You will be helped, in this work, to ask “What, in light of my relationship with the Divine, do these events in my life mean?” “Who am I being called to become?” You will be given help to find in prayer and meditation ways to strengthen your connection to yourself and to the One who is seeking you. Work in sandtray and other expressive arts may help to experience and express what is beyond words.

     As a spiritual mentor, I value and have an understanding of several traditions: Christianity, Judaism, eastern religions, and Native American, earth-based ways. I meet with you individually in sessions that last an hour. We can also meet in a group for days of reflection and retreats.

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