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What is a Sandtray and Expressive Arts workshop or retreat Like?

     Our time together starts with sharing tea and a short and simple introduction to sandtray work and to each other. You will be given time to select your own separate sandtray in a spot in the room that feels comfortable to you. After this, I lead a guided meditation designed to relax you and help you experience your own deep inner resources.

     I will give you a few simple directions and encouragement as you move quietly from the meditation to the shelves of miniatures and your sandtray. Working alone, you create a world of your own making in the sandtray with your unique selection and placement of objects.

     When this process feels complete to you, you will spend some quiet time in dialogue with that world, inviting it to speak to you. The dialogue may take the form of journaling, drawing, use of pastels, or work with clay. I will move from tray to tray, making myself available to help further exploration of the inner world.

     There will also be time to share what feels comfortable to you with other participants. You may find it affirming to open a part of your inner world in a safe and supportive setting. Day-long workshops usually end in making of a larger group sandtray in which our creations of the day are celebrated. Retreats are similar, allowing deeper exploration over several days.

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