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Precious Moments…

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Your Wedding Day

 Now is the time to remember and experience the love you are celebrating, the faith and hope with which you begin your lives together

Your Wedding Day…


You’ve planned this important day for months.

 You’ve worked hard to create the perfect wedding.

 It’s been exciting, challenging, hectic and exhausting.

 Now it’s time to let go and relax.


 Your wedding is a long-awaited gift and you want to enter into it with a full heart.  It’s easy to get lost in all the bustle of planning and miss the precious moments of this joyful day.

Now that the plans are made, you deserve a quiet space where you can slow down, relax and enjoy beautiful visions of your wedding day.


In our time together, I will help you in a guided visualization to experience yourself as calm, loving and aware at your wedding, and show you ways to carry that picture with you to enhance your big day. I will take you into a peaceful state in which you see your wedding day and visit its most beautiful moments.  All you hope to experience that day will be available to you : the wonder of looking into the eyes of your beloved, the excitement and joy you feel as you exchange your pledges of love with one another, the faces of family and friends who love and support you radiant with joy, and more. You will leave our time together feeling more in touch with yourself, and more able to be fully present at your wedding day.  If you wish, you may take a few moments to fill out a special page you take with you to remember details of the beautiful images that come to you during your visualization.

Precious Moments is a single visit of about 90 minutes.  We will get acquainted, talk about your wedding and do the relaxing guided visualization of the wedding day I describe above.  The session takes place in a restful setting, in my North Oakland office.


Precious Moments is the perfect gift for the bride and is available as a beautifully hand-decorated gift certificate. 


For a shower gift from friends or family, one that can’t be found in a bridal registry, or for a special treat the smart bride gives herself, call me at (510) 601-6805 or email me at rg@robertagannon.com.

                                                                                                              COST  $120


Being fully present, focused on the love of her groom and the beauty of her wedding day is a bouquet of memories the bride can enjoy for a lifetime. 





I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over twenty years in practice.  I would be honored to be a part of your wedding preparation. 


One of my specialties is working with women who are seeking a fulfilling relationship. 


It is a joy for me to accompany a woman on the journey from entering into a relationship to her wedding date. I am excited to find that my method of guided visualization works well for brides and I offer it as a service close to the date of the wedding.


I have been providing guided visualizations to help individuals open their imaginations and release their creativity for over twelve years. 


Roberta Gannon is the sole contributor to robertagannon.com. Roberta Gannon may be contacted via her business phone (510) 601-6805.

Roberta Gannon, copyright 2005.